Welcome to the Federation Festival


For more than 30 years the Federation Festival Committee was a 355 committee of council, run by community volunteers who raised their own funds and ran their own events.  Council provided some support, such as bookkeeping and insurance protection, but basically the committee was independent.


After many years of operations, the enthusiasm of the committee members had wained and its funds had dwindled to a very low level making its operations untenable.  


In August 2014 the Rotary Club of Corowa offered to step in with  plan to revive things and the committee decided to allow this to happen and terminated their committee of council charter.


September 2014 saw the Rotary Club of Corowa take over the monthly and Federation weekend markets.  Its aim was to give it new lease of life, with a farmers market section and a higher level of stalls.  The club also installed temporary fencing around the market perimeter and asked for a donation on entry.  These donations were then uses to pay for the entertainment and fireworks over the Federation Festival weekend, as well as improvements to Bantering Park where the market is held.


The first of these improvements has been the shade sails finished in July 2015 at a cost of almost $18,000.  Further improvements are planned, in conjunction with Federation Council.


The club continued to run the BnS Ball held on the Saturday night of the Australia Day weekend with great success.


New Years Eve Fireworks did not occur in 2014 as the cost of presenting them was prohibitive to the club, however using a community funding model it made a big comeback in 2015.


The Federation Parade on the Australia Day weekend also didn't happen because of lack of planning time after the club took over, however like the fireworks it made a big comeback in 2016.


A new addition to the Federation Weekend in 2016 was the Federation Dinner and Tim Fischer Oration, which is held at the Oddfellows Hall.

The Federation Festival now consists of many facets, below are some icons, that when clicked on will take you to the various parts of the Festival.

Federation Dinner & Tim Fischer Oration

Federation Festival Market

Federation Parade

New Years Eve Fireworks

BNS Ball